Welcome to Zip Car Wash

Zip Car Wash is a locally owned family business dedicated to serving our neighbors in Magna, UT and the surrounding communities.   The wash has been operating continuously at the present location at 3576 South 8400 West since 2004.  Zip Car Wash is what is referred to in the trade as a three and two car wash (three self serve bays and two larger bays, one equipped with a touch free automatic and the other an Express Wash utilizing a moving conveyor).  This wash is conveniently located across the street from the Arbor Park Shopping Center on 8400 West at 3576 South, the busiest street in Magna. All bays accept cash or credit cards.

Self Service Wash. The type of wash where customers pull their vehicle into a single bay, get out of the vehicle, put coins into a time meter, and wash the vehicle themselves using hand held “wands” that control the various cleaning and rinse cycles. A self-service car wash is more of a neighborhood wash, one step removed from the driveway washers, but with the added advantage that the runoff is channeled into water treatment systems rather than the storm drains.  It is popular with four wheeling and recreational vehicle enthusiasts and will accommodate everything from quads and motorcycles to motor homes. The start up cost is $2, while the average customer may spend more depending on vehicle size and individual preferences.

Touch Free Automatic Wash. High pressure liquids only, the customer stays in the vehicle, enters the wash and stops, whereupon a gantry on rails passes back and forth over the stationary vehicle, the number of passes determined by a preselected program paid for at an electronic pay station at the entry. These washes are sometimes referred to as “rollovers”, the smaller ones being common fixtures at gas stations. Prices on the touchless range from $5 to $11.

Express Wash Conveyor System. The owners have undertaken an upgrade that has converted the existing soft touch automatic wash to a high production conveyor system which, having entered the tunnel, will get customers in and out in three minutes. This upgrade gives the Magna area (and Salt Lake County, for that matter) the first car wash to offer all three choices, (Self Serve, Touch Free Automatic and Express Conveyor Soft Touch) a virtual one stop center that will address all of your car wash needs. Prices range from $6 to $14.